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What do you think about artificial intelligence? What do you think of time dilation, the Big Bang, and other fanciful ideas in theoretical physics? And what do you think about how the world is being run at the moment? The first line in the book is "Just a bit of light reading", and it is certainly not that.
     There are "deep dives" into athanasia, the real butterfly effect, a beginning of the universe that doesn't transgress the laws of physics, and as indicated above artificial intelligence and time dilation.
     You also get a stroll through the main reason why we've never been able to solve any of our biggest problems in "On Revolution", and I rough up American politics a little more than a little as well. There is other subject matter in this book, but these are probably the highlights.
     The first half of the book is a compilation of long passages included at the end of other H3 books that were mostly extraneous to those books. The second half of the book was originally only in this book but has since been included in the trump and Republicans book.
     Make sure you read the glossaries in my books even if you know all the words as I write them with the same flavour as the rest of the book. About 116,000 words.

Extracts from Nine Muses

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