H3 Literature

The Prince Principle
is a major breakthrough in social theory and everything developed inside H3 is based on it. Two of the first lines in the book tell you why it is a major breakthrough: "Do you want to solve everything on this planet", "Okay then, this is how we do it." Not possible you say; the 250 word precis on the book page linked here won't convince you, but you won't be so certain such a thing is impossible after you read it.

Save Steps
is a blueprint for how to change the world with solutions to many of the world's biggest problems that will actually start solving what we're trying to solve. Pipe dream!!!! We'll see.

Eden is Burning
is an introduction to the organisation that has been designed to implement the solutions overviewed in the Save Steps book.

ttk ohtk tks mks

Firstly, you pronounce the book t-t-k, o-t-k, tiks and miks. This book is the product of a hobby I've had for about fifteen years, and it is a type of proposal for a new international Space agency. Its goals are more ambitious than any agency that has come before it, but it does not toddle off into a world of fantasy imagination.

Nine Muses
has a look at Artificial Intelligence, Athanasia, Cosmology, and why we've never been able to solve our biggest problems, and without "throwing firebombs", doesn't "spare the rod" in any of it.

It's not just trump, it's Republicans:
trump's bad, yes, but he's a symptom of the disease, a creation of the tea party that emerged from out of the Republican Party over a decade ago. Republicans are like "the good old days"; not at all how people remember them.


21st Century Testament
About a century ago someone waxed philosophical about how we should have a book that we could give to our young men and women. A book that will help them understand the intricacies of the world in which they will spend the next sixty or eighty years. A book that will help them live well and be happier, in this world. This is that book. Due for release 2025.

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