New Approach to Climate Change
Never forget that in global scale actions the rich and powerful get to say whether we do a thing or not. They need to really want to do what is being proposed (not merely a reluctant "okay") or all we'll ever get is all we've ever got; talk and two steps forward, followed soon after by two steps back. Instead of a solution that will cost us more money than we are prepared to pay, this solution is structured so that the rich and powerful get more money, more fame, and more acclaim by taking action that solves Climate Change; money at the very beginning, NOT five or ten years later. There are five principal elements in the H3 approach to Climate Change:

There is a global agreement with the interim title Kyoto II that will get all countries moving in the same direction and taking the same action on Climate Change. It shifts the emphasis away from what countries don't like to do and towards that which countries like America, China and India want to do and do all the time; taking actions that increase commerce.

There is a global forestry reform that will establish over 200 million hectares of plantation forestry, which is a massive carbon sink, and it won't cost us a cent because it is commercial in nature and is underwritten by international agreements and national legislation.

There is a reform of the Global Fishing Industry that will increase carbon absorption in the oceans back to what it was centuries ago, and it will add hundreds of billions of dollars into the industry as it does. This is a complete solution for overfishing, and it also doesn't cost us a cent due to international agreements and national legislation. It's a new commercial structure for the global fishing industry that makes fishing corporations richer. The actions we take to clean the oceans and fill them back up (with fish) are the exact same actions that make these corporations hundreds of billions of dollars.

There is a new approach to zero emissions technology that will cut emissions by more than 90% over the course of the next twenty years, and the technology can come from a few different sources.

The fifth part in this new approach to Climate Change is a global economic reform called ANSR. ANSR will ensure that the fossil fuels corporations will be 100% and genuinely behind making their primary business redundant. They will be behind it because it will make them richer if they are.

A massive organisation has been designed to push all of this forward and make it happen. We are about to solve Climate Change, and we only need to go down a path where we make even more money than we do today.

This will take you to the Climate Change discussion paper where you can find the specifics of how we're going to do all of this, and how we're going to pay for it.

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