Stabilising the global economy
during COVID-19
6 July 2020
Just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic setting in I was about to push forward with a completely different approach to Climate Change; something that will fix it (as much as the word 'fix' can be applied to Climate Change). The main plank in the H3 approach to Climate Change, ANSR, can be adapted to stabilise the global economy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we're going to use it to do just that before we move to Climate Change. I've worked out the details and I'm currently writing the document broken down into thirty-eight sections. I can't do anything beyond this without the money to push it forward, and to this end the Initial Funding Overview at the bottom is something you should have a look at. This initiative is called CNGE (COVID Nineteen Global Economy) and is pronounced 'change'.
From the moment I have the money to push this forward the time frame for full implementation of CNGE is less than two months. We ARE going to do the CNGE because every government in the world that has an electorate gets to be viewed as heroes if we do, the massive increases to national debts they all thought they were going to have as a consequence of COVID-19 will not materialise, it's not going to cost governments or rich people a cent to do it, and it WILL stabilise the global economy. We ARE going to do it.
The way I've chosen to push this forward (approaching the wealthiest people in Australia to fund this) is the quickest way to do it: There is a specific process in place for unveiling the CNGE that involves full page announcements in the New York Times, and the details of CNGE are not going to be made available to anyone until the day the COVID-19 related announcement goes in. This will take place on a Sunday two weeks after I have the money that is required to start the process. Until then you have the schedule below, the details of ANSR in the H3 approach to Climate Change, the Proof of H3 document, and the H3 literature if you want to take it that far, to assess whether I may or may not have what I say I have here. Get involved because of the approach to Climate Change because it's the main thing I'm showing you, and it is the thing we're going to use to fix it. Think of the CNGE as a bonus; something extra that we're going to do first.

Initial Funding Overview
CNGE Initiative Schedule

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