CNGE Initiative
December 2023
What I'm proposing will replace all the money that was lost and expended around the world due to COVID, and it will also allow us to deal with any such problems we may have in the future. It will take about three months to implement, and almost everybody will be very keen to do it.
      It's important to keep in mind that the CNGE Initiative fills a dire need in the global economy right now, so although it is the biggest thing that has ever been proposed by a country mile, it is also extremely likely that we'll do it.
      This is an unlimited number of "get out of jail free cards" for every big mistake (like the GFC) and for every other major economic catastrophe like COVID moving forward from here; governments will be predisposed towards doing this. Large economic problems will no longer be large economic problems after we create a new central bank for the world.
      This is something we can do, and a big shock announcement with everything ready to go in that moment is by far the best way to do this if we want to keep control of the process, and if we want it to happen now rather than several years down the track.
      The 60,000 word document that specifies every last detail of the CNGE Initiative is complete as at the date above and it will be available on the day of the announcement, five to seven weeks after the money is available to do this. Until then the introduction is available for you to view.

CNGE Initiative Introduction

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