Stabilising the global economy
during COVID-19
1 December 2020
There will be long lasting and deeply felt impacts from this pandemic if we don't do something to stabilise the global economy. It is the third major outbreak of this kind in twenty years and each one has been worse than the last. We need to set up an infrastructure to deal with the economy and job losses when these things arise, starting with this one. What I'm proposing is something that we can absolutely do inside the rules of the world, it'll take less than three months to implement, and every country in the world will be very keen to do it (there will be no huge increases to national debts this year if they do this now). Remember, if the economic powers of the world all get together and say that something to do with global finance is the law, then whatever THAT is, IS the law. The economic powers of the world get together and agree to do the following:

  1. We create a new international territory that exists outside of the global economy. There is a way to do this; it's a little more involved than simply drawing a direct comparison with the next point, but the next point gets you half way there.
  2. A new central bank for the entire world is created inside that territory, and it also exists above and outside of the global economy, such as central banks do for the national economy they are attached to.
  3. As per the fiat nature of the global economy (that would of course govern the nature of these two entities), we create a massive reserve inside this central bank from which to draw.
  4. There is a massive tangible asset available for us to use as a foundation for all of this; we DO NOT need to use it in this process, but we almost certainly will in the second stage of this initiative about twelve months down the track.
  5. We agree to use a portion of this reserve to REPLACE that which has been and will be lost during this pandemic. That will be a key word for many.
  6. We make first round distributions from out of this reserve to every country in the world that total somewhere between $32 trillion and $36 trillion depending on what we decide in discussions.
  7. There are conditionalities attached to the distributions that will help stabilise the global economy.
  8. If every country in the world receives an amount of money that is in direct proportion to their share of the global economy then the global balance is maintained.
  9. Even though there is so much more to it than this and the above points are incomplete, this is a unique and extraordinary direction for us to take, so I would greatly prefer that this doesn't spread beyond those I'm calling. This is not a publicized website and I'm only contacting those who can afford to help me make it happen. Please keep these eight points to yourself for now.

I've developed the specific mechanisms, defined all the documents we need, and have all the operational details completed including who the suppliers will be for all the services required to make this happen. This is ready to go right now. The 59,000 word document that explains all of this in detail is now complete as at the date above, but it will remain confidential until a worldwide announcement on January 10, 2021. Until then I've produced an introduction for you to view. This approach is called the CNGE Initiative (COVID Nineteen Global Economy) and is pronounced 'change'.
    I'm only looking for the money to make this happen in the form of a loan if that makes any difference; I explain why in the Initial Funding Overview.
    The January 10 date will remain current as long as the money to do this arrives within two weeks of the date of this document.

Initial Funding Overview
CNGE Initiative Introduction

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