Discussion Papers

How have we been dealing with our biggest problems for decades? These discussion papers are not simply a more of the same approach with slightly different language. They take an almost opposite approach to how we have been trying to solve our biggest problems for decades.
     The first four discussion papers are available to view now and more will be made available starting in 2025.

Climate Change
Oasis Forestry Reform
FISCIL Fishing Reform
Kyoto II Reform
Water Tower (technology)

The Water Tower document is not a discussion paper but it's tagged onto this list because it adds some context to the CC discussion paper, and it will aid in any discussion about the validity of one very important part of the Eden is Burning book.
    FISCIL is recommended as the first stop as it is the easiest one to see. Unless we do the CNGE first, It will almost certainly be the first of the H3 agenda reforms to be implemented. FISCIL is a comprehensive stewardship of the global fishery that will add over $200 billion dollars into the Global Fishing Industry and solve overfishing completely. It is not even a little ambiguous that it does all of this. It's a safe bet that we're going to do it. FISCIL is also a significant part of the H3 approach to Climate Change so you will also find a section on it in the Climate Change discussion paper. That's the best place to start.

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