How do we come to the things we end up doing for the rest of our lives? How does one come to the point of doing something that everybody else would view as incredibly naive and pointless, and even impossible? How does one choose a path of trying to define a way to fix the world, with no inverted commas around the word fix, when he is just another ant down at the bottom of the heap?
     I've never had sufficient interest in money to go out and actually make a lot of it for my own personal use; so the path of senselessly acquiring wealth for jets and Mercs and polo was never going to be for me. We can always make up a story or guess how we're led down this path or that, and if we tell the story for long enough it becomes solidified in our mind as fact. But our unconscious is very complicated and we don't really know the reasoning or the how most of it happens.
     It can sound very dramatic for me to say that I've spent the last "twenty years in a cave", such as I do at the very beginning of this book, but on any path any of us could ever choose, none of us would ever imagine that it would take as long as that just to get to the "beginning".
     This is an overview of most of the H3 operation in waiting as at 2023. About 104,000 words.

Extracts from Eden is Burning

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