The Global Fishing Industry

It just so happens that the best solution for overfishing also happens to be the best long term plan for the commercial fishing industry. This solution for overfishing is about solving the problem by adding over a half a trillion dollars into the industry through "legislation" in addition to capitalizing everybody's interest. It's about creating massive assets that those in the industry will own. It's about adding these assets to what those in the industry already own. It's about a global stewardship program that is a true global stewardship program in every sense. It is about increasing the volume of life in the oceans back to what it was three hundred years ago, rather than progressively destroying them as we have for decades.
    The problem of overfishing will be solved by making everybody in the industry richer than they are now, and there is no catch (no pun intended); it is all upside.
    This is a solution for overfishing, but it is also a long term solution for the commercial fishing industry. We do not have a long term system in place at the moment; sanctuaries and moratoriums are going to be ignored and/or abandoned with increasing frequency as improving lifestyle increases demand; to believe otherwise in the current environment would be very optimistic.
    The FISCIL Reform gives us everything we want, and it is worth doing whether we have problems to solve or not. Let's just do it for the money.

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