Funding Briefs

At this point, money is being sought to pay for the launch of the H3 organisation. The larger preliminary funding for operations will arrive as a consequence of the launch that is designed to give H3 an "instant" global profile. If you want to skip over the launch funding and go straight to the preliminary funding for H3, then I would obviously be fine with doing it that way.

Executive Summary
This is not the executive summary for the entire H3 operation, just for this initial approach.

General Funding Proposal
This proposal to fund the H3 launch is the same for everyone.

Proposal to Fossil Fuels Corporations
Also for the H3 launch: The numbers in each proposal vary depending on the company, and I've included the Exxon proposal here as they are the biggest. Yes Aramco would be bigger, but as a State owned enterprise it is governed by a different calculation inside the ANSR.

Preliminary H3 Funding
This proposal is for sufficient money to fund H3 operations for its first two years. This will allow it to setup initial operations and to build prototypes that are the foundation of two of H3's commercial enterprises.

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