If you are on this page and are looking for a meeting then you need to have at least read the Climate Change discussion paper. It is not overstating it to say that due to the size and nature of what is being proposed here, that if you haven't at least read that document (or received advice on its content) then a meeting would be a pointless exercise.
    There will be plenty of time for meetings on co-operation and alliances later. For right now the meetings need to be about getting this thing up and running. Money is necessary of course, but I would also be keen to speak with people who can help raise the profile of this operation by spreading the word. As soon as this gets a bit of profile it's going to explode, so either will get H3 up on its feet.
    If you're looking to help out in either way then the H3 organisation overview is something you'll want to read.

NB. The Eden is Burning book is a 98,000 word introduction to the organisation that has been designed to make all of this happen; this is not about just writing academic papers and then releasing them.

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