It is not ambiguous in the least that inside the H3 approach to Climate Change we will solve overfishing, deforestation and Climate Change. It is also unambiguous that those with all the money and power in this world will be genuinely keen to make this happen even more than greenies. Refer to the Climate Change discussion paper.
    The reforms to fix overfishing and deforestation do not cost us a cent and out of their operations we fund hundreds of billions of dollars worth of infrastructure and manufacturing projects around the world. The principal reform in this approach called ANSR also doesn't cost us a cent and it will do a lot more than that. Some or all of the H3 agenda is going to be done. The only question is how long it will take before we start.
    The organisation that will drive all of this forward is ready to go as soon as that annoying necessity in this world is forthcoming. If you want to contribute to the initial funding of this operation then you can organise a meeting using the details below.

NB. This is not about just writing academic papers and releasing them; when a White Paper is released by H3 that's when the main body of work will begin. The Eden is Burning book is a 98,000 word introduction to the organisation that has been designed to make all of this happen.

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