Sean Gallacher

I am a nobody coming out of nowhere and I've spent the last twenty years in a "cave" working on how to solve the world's biggest problems. This all started with a desire to solve Climate Change, and over the years the scope was expanded until the proposed agenda is where it is today. I agree wholeheartedly that this would sound like a foolish endeavour, IF we were all the way back in the year 2000 and I was making a public spectacle of myself by saying that I was going to do such a thing. But we're not in the year 2000, it's twenty years later, and for something as large and unprecedented as I'm suggesting, the word trust is a non-sequitur. There are no used car salesmen here asking you to trust them. The only standard I accept is evidence, proof, and I expect to be held to the same standard.
    Yes this is an odd "bio", but the metaphor is precise: I've been in seclusion for twenty years doing only this, and I'd only ever worked for commercial organisations in low level jobs prior to that. A true nobody coming out of nowhere.

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