When you get to the end of this speech you will know that we’re about to solve Climate Change; fossil fuels corps genuinely going as hard as they can to make fossil fuels redundant, the volume of (non-microscopic) life in the oceans increased about tenfold (more than doubling the carbon absorption by the oceans), 200 million hectares of new plantation forests, and all of it makes money, at the very beginning, rather than costs money. We do all of this without it costing anybody even so much as one single penny. Climate Change, SOLVED!!!!!!!!
    The Climate Change speech will take about thirty minutes and the opening lines can be found HERE. Because the vocabulary is accessible to everyone and I DON’T baffle you with science, this talk will generate a lot of questions and it can be accompanied by a "till we drop" Q&A session afterwards.
    You will need to provide the venue, and if that venue is in the Greater Brisbane metropolitan area then there is no charge. If the talk is to be given in another major population centre in Australia then there is a flat fee of $1500.
    The obvious additional benefit of me giving a talk is that people get to ask questions, but if you want to jump ahead then go to the Climate Change link below and read the discussion paper. Everything in the speech is also in the discussion paper.

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