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Inside this book you will find over five hundred predictions made by an "unnamed figure" sometime in the last seventy years. Instead of predicting doom and gloom as all other prophecy books always have, these predictions are of a promising future that we must fight for. They are a little more than a little more detailed than any other such books you may have come across.
    This generation, the last generation and the generations to come are the people who get to go out into space, and this is reflected in these predictions. This book is not all about our future in space, but a very large portion of it is (more than a third of it).
     This is potentially the generation that also gets to live for a very long time; a very, long, time. This is a future I would like to believe in. We are about to find ways of doing many big things, better, further, smarter.

Extracts from Trillion Dollar Prophet

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