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We're all looking for answers. We're all looking for a way to make sense of the world. About a century ago someone waxed philosophical about how we should have a book that we could give to our young men and women. A book that will help them understand the intricacies of the world in which they will spend the next sixty or eighty years. A book that will help them live well and be happier, in this world. A book that is easy to understand. Such a book would be invaluable to those just starting to build a life, and yet nobody has ever thought to write it. This is that book.
   The 21st Century Testament is an important document in itself, but it is not enough that it tells the story of good people and delivers the message of peace and harmony. It must also live it.
   Publication of the 21st Century Testament will be accompanied by the formation of a Trust that will be inseparable from the idea of the 21st Century Testament. This organization will undertake a specific array of action in the humanities. Its action will reinforce the ideals of the 21st Century Testament; peace, equality in all things, justice, intellectualism, humanitarian behaviour in general; an advanced humanist approach to the world.

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21st Century Testament

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