The Prince Principle

A new way to approach our biggest problems that will allow us to start solving some of them. We can't change the way people are, but we can design our solutions around the way people are. Said like this it seems so very obvious, and yet it is something we have never even considered trying. Everybody who is in charge of other people (or wants to be) desires more money, more power, more fame, and more acclaim; STATUS. If we can design a solution to a major problem that will give those in power more of all these things as it is being adopted, especially more money and more power, then it is a solution that is far more likely to be adopted. This is precisely what H3 is all about; not only a new general direction for us to head in, but a massive agenda of specific solutions to many of the world's biggest problems.
    This is something new, a new social, economic, and diplomatic language for the world. It is based on a major breakthrough in social theory called The Prince Principle that approaches the world's biggest problems from roughly the opposite way to how we have always tried to deal with them. Whenever we have gone to the rich and powerful with a solution to a major problem it has always, ALWAYS been, "we can fix this but you need to give up some of your money and power to fix it". What has ever made us think that could have a happy ending? The Prince Principle is an approach that runs with human nature rather than against it for a change. Not just more money and power for the rich as we solve our biggest problems, more money and improved lifestyle for everyone.

More on The Prince Principle

A book of about 116,000 words called The Prince Principle is available on Amazon. It deals more specifically with what it is and how to actually apply it.

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