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Back in the 1930s the Republican chorus was that Social Security would be "the end of civilization itself", when of course we now know and knew even then, that it would be something in the realm of the opposite.
    The only Republican President during their time in the wilderness (1933-1969), Eisenhower, promoted and pushed through mostly Democratic style legislation, supported by a Democratic House and Senate, and America continued to thrive and be elevated on the world stage.
    At the end of the Age of Democrats (1933-1969), Democrats suggested a little thing called Medicare and another called Medicaid, and of course these were also going to be the "end of civilization itself" according to Republicans of the time. That was the end of the Age of Democrats and shortly after that things started to change for the worse.
    At the beginning of the Age of Republicans (1969 to current day) they get themselves their first Republican since Hoover who was ALL Republican, and Nixon crashes the economy for the first time since the Great Depression (which was caused by the last All Republicans). Around that same time pat buchanan, a Republican advisor to Nixon, makes his now famous statement that "we need to break the country in half and hope that ours is the bigger half". And these two things, crashing the economy and going as hard as they can to divide the country in two, has been the Republican story ever since. Apparently doing it all with superficial smiles and laughter is enough to ensure that everybody forgets what you did the year before, and the year before that, and the year before that, and so on for fifty years.
    But what if you look at all they've done and the impact it has had and put it all together in the one book?????? Just a straight telling of Republican actions and policy with the overwhelmingly obvious conclusions about those who would do such things??????? What would that look like?????? We're not what we say we are, we are what we do. About 131,000 words.


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