Save Steps, Eden is Burning and The Prince Principle are the three main books of the H3 organisation. Think of this page and the book pages linked below as a backwater on this website. The books below were written between 2002 and 2010 and then published in 2010 but never promoted. They are no longer available and will not be reissued in the future. Everything in the books listed below is said much better in the books on the main books page.

Add $50 Trillion and Shake
is a non-fiction publication of 173,000 words. It is an introduction for a new approach to world affairs that will actually solve some of our biggest problems. Using very broad brush strokes, this book tries to introduce what is essentially an opposite approach to what we have always done to try and solve our biggest problems.

The Book of The Future
is one of the books in the 21st Century Testament. To get to a better world for everyone, environmentally, socially, materially, we do not need to take money back from the rich. To get to a better world we do not need to act against our own personal material interests. To get to a better world we do not need to act against human nature. About 25,000 words.

The Eskimo
The main purpose of The Eskimo is to outline the views and attitudes that drive decision making inside H3. If we want to have even a ghost of a chance of solving any of the world's biggest problems, we need to be able to See the world first; the warts and the daffodils together. The Eskimo paints a picture of the world as it really is. To Do, we need to know what Is, as it really is. About 96,000 words.

Trillion Dollar Prophet
is a collection of hundreds of predictions mostly dealing with the next few hundred years. This is the abstract philosophy book in the H3 suite of literature. It paints a promising picture of where our society could go if we start moving in the right direction; a rosy but hard fought future for the next thousand years. About 110,000 words.

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The first edition of the book mentioned on the main books page.

Main Books

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