This is NOT just a hippies wish list full of suggestions that we could never actually do in the real world. This is a policy document for a new organisation that shows how we can genuinely fix the world, and how we're going to pay for all of it. This book contains initiatives and reforms (solutions) that all those currently in power will be genuinely keen to do. Inside every one of these solutions, those with all the money and power in the issue in question get more money, more power, more fame or more acclaim, and almost always more of all of it.
     Over the course of the last decade or so, the majority opinion has turned around to the view that our biggest problems cannot be fixed, and nothing short of a miracle will set us on the right path. Nobody will continue to hold this view after reading this book. Saving the World in 100 (not so easy) Steps takes us through 100 major initiatives for making the world a far better place than it is today, and most importantly, it shows us how we can pay for all of them. About 138,000 words.
     This book is the introduction to the H3 Agenda, The Prince Principle shows you how such a thing could be developed, and Eden is Burning essentially tells you how we're going to make it happen.

Extracts from Saving the World

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