About H3

H3 is a massive commercial operation-in-waiting, developed over twenty years, with the sole purpose of trying to fix many of the world's biggest problems. We start with a big shock announcement all over the world, in social media, and with full page notices in twenty major newspapers to push forward a proposal to fix Climate Change, and another to create a new central bank for the world in order to stabilise the global economy in the wake of COVID.
    These proposals hit the hot buttons of those with all the money and power in this world, and they are going to want to do them even more than greenies and altruists.
    H3 commercial operations will be established over the course of its first three years, in power generation, construction, environmental engineering, aerospace, and robotics.

Most people would have heard some version of the line, "that if there was money in fixing poverty then it would be fixed overnight". The H3 organisation is based on a new approach to our biggest problems that is an intellectualised version of this idea, but it involves a lot more than just making money and can be applied to a lot more than just poverty.
    You can get more on this new approach on The Prince Principle page, and there is a book of 116,000 words available that will tell people how to apply this new approach themselves, if that is something you want to do.

Sean Gallacher
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