H3 is an operation in waiting that will interact with the world through several commercial entities, several not for profit entities, and several research entities. The focus of H3 is more than just Climate Change, but Climate Change is where we start.
    The unambiguous specifics of how we're about to fix Climate Change can be found on the Climate Change page.

Most people would have heard some version of the line, "that if there was money in fixing poverty then it would be fixed overnight". The H3 organisation is based on a new approach to our biggest problems that is an intellectualised version of this idea, but it involves a lot more than just making money and can be applied to a lot more than just poverty.
    You can get more on this new approach at The Prince Principle link below, and there is a book of 155,000 words available that will tell people how to apply this new approach themselves, if that is something you want to do.

Sean Gallacher

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